Deadline for submissions:
APRIL 3, 2017 at 11:59pm EST


Who could join the contest and how many students on a Team?

A maximum of four students per Team. Students must be attending a Canadian University in any discipline at the undergrad level. To qualify, each Team’s project submission must receive an endorsement by a Mentor before it can be entered into the contest. Multiple Teams from one Canadian University were allowed.

In the past Teams have ranged from 2 to 4 members.

Teams can be made up of students from different programs or different Universities.

What can the top three Teams expect at the Canadian Hotel Investment Conference?

The top three Teams will be promoted before and throughout the conference. The students will have the opportunity to attend all educational sessions at the Canadian Hotel Investment Conference.

Once it is time to present, each Team were given 10 minutes on stage to showcase their hotel concept to a panel of judges and to an audience of 500 conference attendees. The judges and audience jointly choose the first place, second place and third place winners. The winner was announced on stage, at the conference.

Can the submission be longer than 25 pages/25 slides? What is included in the 25 pages?

In order to be fair, it is asked that everyone follows the guidelines and keep within the size restrictions.

The 25 pages includes references and appendix. It does not include the cover page.

Will this contest be featured on social media?

Of course! Students and schools can follow contest details through our Facebook page Twitter at hashtag #HotelNEXT, and on Instragram at @HotelNEXTCanada. View our Pintrest board for inspiration, or join the LinkedIn group to get updates.

Will students get extra credits at school for entering this competition?

No, unless the competition has been incorporated into the school curriculum. Typically this competition is an activity above and beyond classroom work but is an exceptional career-building opportunity. The top three Teams will receive considerable exposure to Canada’s top hotel industry leaders at the Canadian Hotel Investment Conference (CHIC), and will have the opportunity to showcase their talents and network with industry leaders at the conference. Not to mention that all the top three Teams were eligible to win a cash prize, and have their expenses paid to attend CHIC. In addition, all student Teams who enter the competition were recognized on this contest website and press releases.

What is a Mentor?

We have a number of mentors who generously donated their time to help students. They helped students with questions about design, feasibility and much more! These Mentors have specifically been chosen for this contest as they are kind, friendly, and approachable people who want to help! Don’t underestimate this fantastic resource of industry professionals.

Who will the industry mentors be, and when can student Teams use them?

A list of top industry mentors is available here. Student Teams used these mentors to discuss the concept early on in its development, or to get feedback once the concept is nearly complete.  They may receive one-on-one support from this mentor for one hour, in whichever way is feasible for both parties (in person, by phone, by video-conferencing, etc).

Can the same mentor endorse multiple Teams’ project submissions?

Yes, the objective is for a mentor to endorse well-thought out project submissions that satisfy all the criteria on the scorecard.

What resources are available to students?

Here are also some links that students may find useful:

General Real Estate Trends
Hotel Association of Canada
Hotel Industry Fact Sheet
EY – Hospitality Trends 2015

Who is the Selection Committee?

The Selection Committee is a group of people who have not been approached to provide guidance to #hotelNEXT team.

2018 Committee: Charles Suddaby. Joining Charles will be Russell BeaudrySamantha Charlesworth & Anil Taneja. 

2017 Committee: Charles SuddabyRussell Beaudry, Robert BruinsSamantha Charlesworth & Lindsay Wright.

2016 Committee: Charles Suddaby, Sara Glenn, Sandeep Gupta, & Jeff Hyslop.

What is the Canadian Hotel Investment Conference (CHIC) and what is Big Picture Conferences?

The Canadian Hotel Investment Conference is an annual conference, first launched in 1997, which has established itself as the definitive source of information, insight and opinion on today’s Canadian lodging market. This conference is owned and operated by Big Picture Conferences (BPC). BPC is dedicated to connecting people through the synergistic production of business networking events. BPC develops program content, organizes quality speakers, and coordinates marketing services while managing venue arrangements, registrations and finances.

Big Picture Conferences (BPC) is dedicated to connecting people through the synergistic production of annual conferences and networking events for the Canadian hospitality industry. BPC delivers ‘turnkey’ events by developing program content, organizing quality speakers, coordinating marketing services while managing venue arrangements, registrations and finances.

What is the audience like?

CHIC has over 550 expected attendees and they include hotel owners, investors, developers, and “C-level” (COO,CEO,CFO,CIO) executives, designers, architects, consultants, legal advisors and lenders.

Students may be used to presenting in front of other students and professors, but this is totally different. These are 550 of the Canadian hotel industry’s executives, there is no ivory tower here.