Deadline for submissions:
APRIL 3, 2017 at 11:59pm EST

University Students

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The Lowdown for Students

The Future of the Hotel Industry is in Your Hands

In 2035, what will be important is a hotel’s capacity to differentiate itself from the competition. While an increasing number of travellers will seek authentic and experience-based travel, the hotel of the future will need to appeal to both the young and the old, considering that the average traveller demographic is changing. “One in every five visitors to Canada is under age 24, reflecting the desire of Gen Y to see the world,” says a Destination Canada corporate plan summary. Retiring baby boomers are also taking advantage of their accumulated wealth and free time to travel.”

Here’s where you come in.

Design a new hotel brand for future Canadian development.

  • Do you know what it would take to provide an amazing and unique hotel experience for future travellers?
  • Would you make the experience more tech-saavy?
  • How about introducing a sleeker design?
  • Would you change the room features?
  • How about the front lobby?

If you have an original hotel concept in mind, it’s your chance to compete in the #hotelNEXT competition! The top three Teams will be flown out in May, all expenses paid, to the Canadian Hotel Investment Conference.

You and your Team will compete *on stage* with the exclusive chance to WOW a panel of Canadian hotel investors and owners with your #hotelNEXT concept!

1ST PRIZE = $5,000!
2ND PRIZE = $3,000!
3RD PRIZE = $2,000!

What it takes to win

    • How novel is the thinking behind the idea?
    • How resourceful?
    • Is it a truly out-of-box concept?
    • Has this offering or solution been introduced before?
  • R.O.I.
    • Have the projected income statements been presented accurately?
    • Are they presented five fiscal years out?
    • Integrity in the numbers?
    • Is there a return on investment?
    • How accurately are the competitors identified?
    • How accurately is the target market identified?
    • How distinctly different is the concept? Can the team easily describe why this concept is not like any other?
    • Are the points of differentiation relevant to the targeted guests?