#hotelNEXT 2016

Deadline for submissions:
APRIL 3, 2017 at 11:59pm EST

Welcome To The 2016




We launched a competition called #hotelNEXT where aspiring young developers pitch their hotel concepts to a panel of Canadian investors and hotel owners in front of a live audience at the Canadian Hotel Investment Conference.

Using the case study approach, the top 3 teams had 15 minutes to present a financially viable business case and convince the panel, that their project should be the next Canadian hotel in development! Our judges scored the teams based on the following categories:

  • CREATIVITY : How novel is the thinking behind the idea? How resourceful? Is it a truly out-of-the-box concept? Has this offering or solution ever been introduced?
  • R.O.I. : Have the projected income statements been presented accurately? Are they presented five fiscal years out? Integrity in the numbers? Is there a return on investment?
  • COMPETITIVENESS : How accurately are the competitors identified?
  • TARGET MARKET IDENTIFICATION : How accurately is the target market identified?
  • DIFFERENTIATION : How distinctively different is the concept? Can the team easily describe why this concept is not like any other? Are the points of differentiation relevant to the targeted guests?

Winning team gets:

  • $5000 cash
  • Bragging rights
  • A plaque to show mom


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