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Is it renovating or reinventing?

What is it like for a hotel to undergo renovations?

According to Andria Goldin from Hotel News Now, there are two things hotel operators know in this situation:

  1. The hotel must continue to make revenue by knowing exactly how much of the hotel is useable at any given time during a renovation (it is not often that a hotel will close completely); and
  2. The hotel must continue to provide invaluable development and operational support to maintain their high level of commitment to their brands and guests.

This case competition will give undergrad students a chance to showcase their bold and inspiring ideas and recommendations on leading hotel concepts and redesign. From across Canada, students will put their ‘education into action’ and win a cash prize. They will also have a chance to meet—and WOW—hundreds of Canada’s hotel industry leaders at the annual Canadian Hotel Investment Conference on April 24, 2018 in Toronto.

The hotel industry can learn from students

This contest will give Canada’s rapidly evolving hotel industry more insight into what 18-29 years old want in a hotel experience. Just as outlined by Mr. Bill Marriott in his 2015 speech in Toronto, there are an ever-growing number of Millennials taking part in Canadian hotel experiences in addition to working in the sector. Recognizing Millennials’ tastes in hotel design and amenities is key for this evolving industry.

Educators can build closer ties with industry and enhance student learning.

This competition will give Universities in Canada a new level of recognition at the Canadian Hotel Investment Conference and with Canada’s top lodging industry experts. It will also provide them a chance to enhance student learning through additional hands-on, real-life experience in what its like to renovate a hotel.

The Teams would need to research the markets, prepare financial projections, determine renovation costs, consider financing, the impact on the hotel’s financial performance and increase the return on investment to the owner.

Watch Last Year’s Top Teams Present!

Want to get involved?

Follow these 5 steps to get your students excited and included!

  1. Download this POSTER, hang it in your classroom and mention the project to get your students excited!
  2. Inspire students to form teams and to check out the 6 Steps to Win.
  3. Encourage students to reach out to our Mentors!
  4. Check in with the team’s progress and review the scorecard.
  5. Make sure that they submit the project by the deadline on March 28, 2018!

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