Deadline for submissions:
APRIL 3, 2017 at 11:59pm EST

6 Steps to Win!

STEP 1: Grab a Team!

  • There is a maximum of 4 undergraduate students per Team.
  • Students must be attending a Canadian University in any discipline at the undergrad level. Sorry Master students are not permitted to enter.
  • Although it would be great if at least one Team member was enrolled in a hotel, hospitality, or tourism program from a Canadian University, it is not mandatory.
  • Multiple Teams are allowed from one University.
  • Team members can be from the same or different Canadian Universities.

STEP 2: Brainwave your vision for your new hotel.

Using the case study approach, design a new hotel brand for future Canadian development and present a financially viable business case.

Take note of the criteria:

  • Describe your hotel idea in less than 500 words.
  • Brand: What’s the name? Tagline? Design the logo. What inspired the idea?
  • Decide on the Canadian city for your flagship hotel. Why did you pick that location?
  • What’s the marketing plan? How would you promote the concept to consumers?
  • What innovative features are in the hotel rooms, lobby, or property?
  • What amazing services will your hotel offer?
  • Present a business case with financial projections including construction costs and showing a return on investment.


Examine the scorecard, this is the criteria your hotel concept will be judged on.

STEP 4: Contact a Mentor.

We have gone out to the industry and asked a group of people to help with your project.  Feel free to contact one, or all to help the Team. We have specifically chosen these mentors because they are kind, friendly, approachable people who want to help you out! Don’t underestimate this fantastic resource of industry professionals! Click here to see who our Mentors are!

STEP 5: Fill out this form.

  • Get a University prof to sign off on your project. To qualify, each Team’s project submission must receive an endorsement by a University professor before it can be entered into the contest.

STEP 6: How to submit.

Read these steps carefully:

  • Fill out form in step 5, scan it and label with your TEAM NAME + hotelNEXT
  • Go to Dropbox  and create a folder labelled with your TEAM NAME + hotelNEXT
  • Upload your completed form that is signed by a University prof
  • Upload your full presentation to Dropbox in any one of these formats and note the following size restrictions;
    • if sending WORD document/ PDF, no more than 25 pages
    • if sending a POWERPOINT or PREZZIE, no more than 25 slides
  • Share your Dropbox folder via email to Enney Hoang {enneyhoang@bigpictureconferences.ca} before Monday, APRIL 3, 2017 at 11:59pm EST.


  • On April 10, 2017, an advisory board will meet and review all submissions.
  • The top 3 projects will be selected and Team members will be contacted by April 17, 2017.
  • Each Team member will have an all-expense paid trip to Toronto where they will present their project in front of delegates attending the Canadian Hotel Investment Conference (MAY 16, 2017).


On May 16, 2017, the top 3 Teams will present on stage at the Annual Canadian Hotel Investment Conference!

  • Each Team will have 15 minutes to present on stage in front of the Judging Panel
  • Voting by the judges and the audience will take place after each presentation
  • At the end of the session, our MC, will bring the 3 Teams on stage and announce the winning Team—there will be awards… and cash!

Submit your entry via Dropbox

Canadian Hotel Investment Conference


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